The Honor of Serving our Clients

Spring has sprung and the Mission is busier than ever.  We have experienced an influx of requests for shelter over the past couple of months and our staff has mobilized to accommodate those in need, even when it has stretched us beyond capacity.  We don’t like to turn anyone away, as we know that walking through our doors can be a life changing step for those we serve.


We recently celebrated Easter, sharing the gospel message of hope with many visitors that day, and serving nearly 1000 meals to our hungry neighbors.  As the weather improves, we will be busy with events that raise funds for the organization, such as the upcoming Tunch and Wolf Walk for the Homeless and our Day of Hope picnic. And some activities at the Mission move outdoors, as we take our clients who are in our residential programs on adventures such as team building, fitness and entertainment excursions, helping them to learn what it means to have fun, relax and socialize without drugs or alcohol.  One of our favorite things to do is organize staff-client sports games.  Last year we enjoyed a fierce game of volleyball and an intense 9 innings of softball.

Our guests and clients are not a faceless group of people that we are vaguely aware need help.  These are individual people who have problems that have led them to the point of homelessness.  When I think of them, I think of individual people.  I think of Kyle, a smart, thoughtful, kind young man in recovery from addiction who is a great writer and has a wonderful sense of humor. I think of Jana, a loving, caring mother who came through our program while pregnant, and who has a healthy little girl and recently completed a degree in social work.  I think of James, a client with some debilitating mental health problems that prevent him from participating in society in a typical way, but who has found such hope in Christ, he often reminds many of us how much God loves us and delights in us.  I think of Tom, a client who stayed with us for many months and then experienced a health crisis that resulted in him being moved to a nursing facility.  A number of staff members regularly visit him so he knows we are still here for him, still on his side.

It is our honor to serve these clients, to welcome them into our midst.  To provide food, shelter, and most importantly hope.

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