Stories of Transformation

Jamal's Story

“In some of the trials and tribulations of our guests that come through the shelter, I see me. My hope is to be able to be hope.”
– Jamal, Light of Life Assistant Shelter Supervisor

Attracted to the “dark lifestyle” of his community, Jamal struggled with addiction his entire life.  After tragically losing his wife to her own battles with addiction, it changed his entire perspective.  When Jamal relapsed after staying clean for 10 years, he found Light of Life and a new path to hope.  Now the Assistant Shelter Supervisor at the Voeghtly Street Shelter at Light of Life, Jamal recognizes his own struggle in others.  Before working at Light of Life, Jamal was no stranger to the Mission, growing up in Pittsburgh’s North Side just blocks away.

With more than 17 years of sobriety, Jamal now has the insight to recognize his own struggles in others. Throughout his journey from addiction to recovery and now in his service to the community, Jamal learned first-hand the importance of inspiring hope in those around him.  He is a blessing to the Mission and everyone who walks through our doors at the Mission.

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