Programs and Services

Since 1952, Light of Life has been serving Pittsburgh's homeless population through meal ministry, safe shelter, and life recovery programs.


Light of Life offers Emergency Shelter Services located at our Voeghtly Street Shelter for men, women, and children seeking the following:

  • Emergency Shelter Services
  • Meal Ministry
  • Chapel Services
  • Men & Women’s Day Center
  • Showers
  • Laundry Service
  • Access to Mental Health Services
  • Ability to join or learn more information about our Long-Term Recovery Programming

Voeghtly Street Shelter is located at 234 Voeghtly St., Pittsburgh PA 15212

Contact Number: 412-803-4120

Hours of Operation: 24 Hours, 7 days/ week

8-9 a.m. breakfast

5:30-6:30 p.m. dinner


Programs at Light of Life are offered to men, women, and children ready to transform their lives by building Christ-centered relationships throughout their journey in recovery. We offer multiple programming options based on individual needs including:

  • Men’s Long-Term Recovery Program
    • High Commitment Shelter
    • Men’s Life Recovery Program
    • Mental Health Program
  • Women & Children’s Program
    • Sister’s Recovery House
    • Scattered Sites Housing

*Services Based on Availability

Men’s Programming is located at 10 E. North Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15212

Contact Number: 412-803-4156

Women’s Programming is located at 913 Western Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15212

Contact Number: 412-258-6127


Light of Life’s Street Outreach Team directly engages with our city’s homeless living on the street, including visiting homeless encampments daily to check on their health and wellness and providing resources and services through the following areas:

  • Transportation back to Light of Life’s Emergency Shelter to access necessities such as meals, emergency shelter, and showers
  • Case Management
  • Fellowship Activities
  • Community Clean-Ups (Volunteers Welcome)
  • Assistance in obtaining:
    • Identification Cards and Birth Certificates
    • Housing
    • Employment
    • Clothing and Hygiene Products
    • First-Aid and Medical

Light of Life’s Street Outreach Team is located at 234 Voeghtly St., Pittsburgh PA 15212

Contact Number: 412-803-4133


Light of Life’s Food Pantry directly serves people in the community who are experiencing food insecurity by providing them with the opportunity to “shop” for a variety of fresh food to feed themselves and their families. Individuals served may have housing or are homeless and are provided the following services through the Food Pantry:

  • Access to a variety of nutritious food in a “shopping” environment
  • Resources and information connecting individuals to other Light of Life Services and Programs or other Community Partner Services
    • If a guest is living outside designated North Side Zip Codes, our Food Pantry Team will find the best resources or services given their location
  • Opportunity for Community Partners (non-profits, churches, etc.) to obtain food for individuals they directly serve through their organizations who are experiencing food insecurity.
  • Hours for Food Pantry:
    • Wednesdays 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • For those looking to obtain food:
    • Serves zip codes: 15212, 15214, 15233
    • Walk-ins welcome
    • Must bring ID or other proof of address
  • Hours for Emergency Food:
    • Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
      • Serving any Pittsburgh resident with an urgent need (one time only) We will be glad to connect community members with a local Food Bank for ongoing support if they live outside of our service area.

Light of Life’s Food Pantry is located at 2601 Norwood Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15214 (Located in the big, brick church building on the campus of The Pittsburgh Project. Main door is on N. Charles St.)

Contact Number: 412-398-7373


Light of Life's Donation Center provides non-profit organizations physical items for people they serve who are in need. The Donation Center also offers a Free Store for individuals in the community that provides items they cannot otherwise obtain on their own such as clothing, hygiene products, and other life essentials.

  • Individual “shopping” opportunities for those needing essential physical items
  • Free, physical items and necessities to community non-profits who serve people in need
  • An outlet for community members wishing to donate unwanted or unneeded items allowing them to give back to those in need and become educated about the Mission
  • Opportunities for individuals to engage with Light of Life staff and learn about helpful resources or other Light of Life programs or services.
  • Hours for the Donation Center:
    • Shopping Hours for Individuals/ Families:
      • Tuesday-Thursday- Individual shopping by appointment from 1pm- 3:30pm
      • Friday- Group shopping from local rehabs 1pm-3pm
      • Saturday – Individual shopping by appointment 1pm-3:30pm
    • Shopping Hours for Distribution Partners/ Bulk Shopping:
      • Tuesday-Saturday 9am-11am
    • Donation Hours:
      • Drop Off: Tuesday-Saturday 8am-4pm
      • After Hours drop-off box located outside the front gate

Light of Life’s Donation Center is located at 665 Ridge Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Contact Number: 412-258-6100


Street Shelter
Recovery Place

Voeghtly Street Shelter

234 Voeghtly Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Services include:

Emergency Shelter (Men, Women & Children)

Hot Meals

Community Resources

Case Management

Off-Site Housing Assistance

Clothing & Hygiene Products


On-Site Support Agencies

First Aid

“Today I’ve learned that I am no longer lost but am found. He will never leave me. He has a purpose for the broken hearted. I am forever grateful for the Light of Life helping me see the light through the darkness.”
-Light of Life program Graduate

Our Purpose

Light of Life provides those we serve hope and life transformation through the love of Christ