Stories of Transformation

Solomon's Story

"I can listen to the birds sing now. I can hear the beauty of life. I can see how beautiful life is."
- Solomon, Men’s Life Recovery Program Graduate

After years of struggling with addiction, Solomon realized that he could no longer live that life. He realized that lifestyle will kill you.  In this episode of Shelter Stories, you will hear about Solomon’s journey to this realization, about his journey to sobriety. He says that Light of Life taught him to live life a better way and that if he knew then what he knows now, he would have never used.

Solomon came to the Mission in hopes of changing his life and his current circumstances.  After a year of perseverance and dedication in our program, Solomon successfully graduated his job training program provided by the Energy Innovation Center, in partnership with UPMC.  He is now trained in Environmental Services and is working at UPMC Mercy Hospital.

Solomon advanced through all stages of our Life Recovery Program and signed a lease for his own apartment and moved out of our transitional housing after completing our Men’s Recovery Program.

This is life transformation.  This is hope restored.


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