Stories of Transformation

Bill's Story

“It’s more than just an addiction. There’s family things, there’s background, there’s wounds, there’s hurts and those are then things that are so deep-rooted that you can’t fix on your own and you need someone and, in my case, I needed Jesus, and I needed someone to introduce me to Jesus.”
- Pastor Bill Galus

Bill found himself back in Pittsburgh after serving in the Vietnam war. Even before he enlisted, addiction was part of his life. A friend invited him to a Light of Life service and, reluctantly, he went. That decision changed his life. He saw a miraculous vision from God and from that moment he was set free from addiction and entered into ministry where he’s been for 40 years.

“There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper. Still that no matter how deep and how out of control or how hopeless your life is, there is hope with Jesus.
I found Jesus and I’m no different than anybody else.”

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