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Gifts in Honor

gift-in-honor-960-imgA donation to Light of Life Rescue Mission is a thoughtful way to honor someone who has devoted a portion of their lives to the homeless, broken, addicted, and abused. Your donation will give the men, women, and children we serve at Light of Life food, shelter, hope, and healing.

Once we receive your gift, Light of Life will send a card to the honoree or family acknowledging your gift.

How to Give an In Honor or Memory Gift:

  1. Give by Check- If you would like to make a gift in honor of or in memory of an individual and would like an acknowledgment sent, please write the name and address on a separate piece of paper and mail it in with your check.
  2. Give Online- If you prefer to make an honorary gift online, please check the “Is this gift in Honor/Memory of friend or loved one?” box on our online donation form.

“I remember as a child watching my father, Thomas, write out bills and seeing a check to Light of Life and asked him what it was.  When he said it was a men’s shelter he donated to every now and then I was confused because I knew that we didn’t have much and I asked him if we were really in a position to give money away.  That’s when he told me, that “there but for the grace of God go I.”  He talked about how although we weren’t doing well, there’s someone doing worse and how he would have easily found himself in need of help.  My father was not an emotional or very religious man, so that moment really spoke to me as a child.  He didn’t have many interests and he was not big on flowers.  He was adamant that he didn’t want a funeral or service but designating donations to Light of Life Rescue Mission in his memory is something that I feel he would have wanted to be done.  I just wanted someone to know that he existed beyond the walls of his home.” -Thom’s son

Give Hope

Your gift meets a homeless neighbor with hope, healing, and a nourishing meal.


Your donation makes a difference in the lives of families in Pittsburgh.


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