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Do you have physical items that you would like to donate to Light of Life Rescue Mission? Our Donation Center, located at 635 Ridge Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, accepts donation of physical goods. Our Donation Center is open for donation drop-offs Monday-Friday from 1-4PM

Due to space restrictions, we are only able to accept the following items for this season. Each of our buildings have different needs and below you will see a list of items needed at each location and where/when to drop off.  

Donation Center Items Needed 

Items for the donation center can be dropped off at 635 Ridge Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15212, Monday – Friday between 1pm and 4pm.  

Questions about donation center items can be directed to Mike Mills at 412-608-0671. 


  • Men’s and Women’s Heavy Winter Coats  
  • Men’s and Women’s Hooded Sweatshirts 
  • Men’s and Women’s Sweatpants/Comfy Pants 
  • Men’s Boxers/Boxer Briefs/Briefs (NEW only) 
  • Women’s Underwear (Desperate need, NEW only) 
  • Men’s and Women’s Thermal Underwear 


  • Men’s Work Boots 
  • Men’s Winter Boots 
  • Women’s Winter Boots 

Heavy Blankets 


  • Men’s and Women’s Deodorant 
  • Full size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash 
  • Bar soap 


  • Backpacks 
  • Duffel Bags 

If you have a question or would like to donate larger items, please contact Mike Mills at or 412-608-0671

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Your donation will give the men, women and children served at Light of Life a chance at a brand-new life.


Your donation makes a difference in the lives of families in Pittsburgh.


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