Summer Picnics with a Purpose

Light of Life had three picnics this summer and each one served a meaningful purpose. Watch the short videos below to learn more.

Men’s Program client and staff picnic at Moraine State Park 
For some of our clients, it’s the first time in a long time they did something like this sober. Click on the video below to hear from Kitchen Manager Rob Pettit more about why and how we make this an annual outing.

Day of Hope Picnic 
This annual event is open to the community to bond over food, hear the Gospel and messages of hope through Christ, and to get connected to resources in the community for those who have needs. Click on the video below to see how amazing the day was for yourself.

Women & Children’s Alumni Picnic
Graduates of the Women & Children’s Program from as far back as 25 years ago through the present and current clients plus all the children and grandchildren are enjoyed connecting over great food and beautiful weather. Click on the video below to hear from Michelle Pace, Women & Children’s Program graduate and staff member.

Kate Wadsworth

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