Light of Life Rescue Mission Podcast: Hope Unveiled


           Hope Unveiled is a podcast dedicated to sharing stories of hope and life transformation. Throughout the episodes, you will hear stories of loss, pain, addiction, incarceration, and hopelessness from clients, volunteers, and staff about what hope means to them, and what role Light of Life Rescue Mission had to play. Light of Life Rescue Mission is a nonprofit in Pittsburgh, PA that works to feed, clothe, house, rehabilitate and share Christ with the poor, addicted, abused and needy. 



      Episode 10: Two Weeks

   Episode 9: Jesus Is In Front Of Me

  Episode 8: There is a Way

   Episode 7: Christmas Special: Santa’s Workshop

 Episode 6: The Unexpected

 Episode 5: A Second Chance

  Episode 4: Sharing Hope and Healing Through Community: A Thanksgiving Special


 Episode 3: Through Pain and Loss, Hope Remains

 Episode 2: Attitude of Gratitude

 Episode 1: Greg M

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