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Women and Children’s Program

Light of Life embraces single mothers and their children whose lives have been deeply impacted by homelessness, addiction and abuse. The women enter our Christian recovery program after having received residential recovery services through other area agencies. During our 9-18 month program, the women are provided with subsidized apartments, assistance with transportation, household and childcare needs, and 20 hours per week of counseling, education and training. They also engage in family retreats and activities to help them realize their potential as responsible, loving parents.

Most women entering the program are healing from abuse, addiction and poverty, which have made it nearly impossible for them to wholly fulfill their role as a parent. Many have lost custody of their children and deeply desire to have them back in a safe, loving home. Therefore, an important aspect of women’s recovery focuses on parenting skills and strengthening the family unit. Moms also benefit from training in household management and activities designed to re-establish bonds with their children.

Through case management and counseling, women at Light of Life are empowered not only to achieve good health and self-sufficiency, but also the tools to grow in their careers, relationships and spiritual walks. Women engage in life skills, addiction recovery, Bible study, computer lab, GED and other training courses to prepare them for rewarding careers and independent living.

Light of Life provides a nurturing environment for children to sleep, learn, play and receive meals during their mothers’ classes. Children of all ages are provided with essentials to help prepare them for school, such as filled backpacks and clothing. Activities that combine education, fun and family bonding include trips to museums, the zoo, picnics and other opportunities.

Interested in volunteering in the Women and Children’s Program? Click here to find out more. 

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