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Men’s Residential Program


Oftentimes, when a man comes to the doors of Light of Life, he feels hopeless and is hurting from past traumas, addictions or other difficult life situations. There are various programs for men who are homeless and looking for help, ranging from shorter-stay work programs to longer-term recovery programs for those with greater needs. Light of Life is here to offer healing, hope and resources.

Housing and Employment Shelter Program

Light of Life’s Housing and Employment Shelter Program is a unique program designed to equip men who are homeless to gain housing, employment and stability in their lives. With a capacity to serve up to eight clients at a time, this program addresses the needs of men who, for various reasons, are not suited for a year-long residential recovery program. By committing to case management, a man enrolled in the program receives sleeping quarters and personal storage in a private area of the men’s shelter.

During a man’s stay in this program Light of Life will provide him case management, educational resources and connections to critical services, such as housing, job, medical and other programs.

Men’s Life Recovery Program

The Men’s Life Recovery Program is designed for men who need space to work on healing from past hurts and build a strong foundation for recovery before finding a job and independent housing. A longer commitment than the Housing and Employment Program (described above), this program is a four-phase program that offers men the opportunity to be in a healing, Christ-centered community while taking personal responsibility for their choices in the past and future. There are 30 dorm-style beds at the Mission for the men to stay on site while in the program. Staff and volunteers help men to stabilize their lives through addiction recovery and other essential life skills. Connections are made to medical, housing and other services, as well as education and training essential for career advancement and lifelong learning.

abdul-counselingWhen a man starts in this program, he is put on the Life Skills schedule and is assigned shifts to help in the kitchen or emergency shelter. This allows for developing soft skills such as conflict resolution, punctuality, etc., as well as providing the dignity of work until outside employment is found.

Another aspect of recovery includes helping men develop healthy relationships with others. In addition to classes at the Mission, men in the program participate in clubs. Clubs are weekly activities that are planned around a common interest such as photography, basketball, golfing, acting, etc. Each club lasts six weeks and is led by staff and volunteers. This allows the men to explore new interests and discover hobbies that will help them when they leave the Mission.

Additionally, the men spend downtime reading, playing instruments, working out at the YMCA or participating in a local sports league comprised of teams from area agencies. Connection to a church family and activities to enhance social skills and spiritual growth also play an integral role in each man’s recovery and transition back into society.

After a man graduates, he has the opportunity to stay connected to a mentor in the community and participate in after-care activities.

Mental Health Program

There are eight beds set aside for the Mental Health Program, which is for men who are homeless primarily due to a mental illness and who have a history of hospitalization due to mental health. The men in this program participate in the same activities and have the same responsibilities as the men in the Life Recovery Program (described above), but there is often times more coordination with outside agencies for the treatment of mental illness. Men in this program are given the option to stay at the Mission for a longer period of time to ensure the stabilization of their mental health and their readiness to transition.

Interested in volunteering in the Men’s Residential Program? Click here to find out more. 

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