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Nicole’s Story

Nicole loves being a mother. She came to Light of Life after struggling with addiction recovery and losing her house in a fire. Nicole is a mother of two daughters, aged 14 and 5, and ever since joining the Women’s Recovery Program, she sees the difference that God makes in those relationships.  

“I used to think if you have a bond with your kids, that’s enough.” But now, with the help of program staff and her peers, Nicole is experiencing deeper relationships with her daughters. She feels awe from knowing God, and has a sense of freedom from the worry of making mistakes as a mother.
“This place has really taught me my worth.” 
In other recovery programs, Nicole felt like they gave her tools. “But Light of Life teaches you how to live.” For Nicole, the Women’s Recovery Program is different. “You’re worthy, wanted, part of something.” She loves that at Light of Life she never feels judged. It’s that openness and equality that has helped build trust so that Nicole can get to the root of her addiction.

Nicole and her youngest live in Light of Life subsidized housing and they are loving this time they get to spend together. They enjoy reading and learning about God. Today, Nicole wants to encourage other mothers. “Always give love,” she says. “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.” 
“Talking about motherhood,” Nicole says, “I’m all smiles.”
At Light of Life, we embrace single mothers who are faced with homelessness, addiction, and poverty. In a spirit of community and Christ-centered love, we see lives changed and generations of families positively impacted.

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