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Kevin & Ken’s Story

Meet Kevin

A self-described “hot mess,” Kevin had no family in Pittsburgh. He was living on the streets of the North Side and he was an addict. He even went through ten months of culinary school but was unable to finish because he relapsed and got arrested. That was before he walked through the doors of Light of Life.

“I always knew I wanted a professional career and I always had good work ethic, but I just couldn’t hold on to a job because of my addiction.” – Kevin

Walking Through A New Door

When Kevin entered Light of Life, he quickly connected with Ken Macleod, our Education & Employment Specialist. It was Ken who recognized Kevin’s work ethic, drive and skills and helped Kevin walk through the education and employment services.  Kevin put in the time of applying for jobs and setting-up interviews through our Employment and Education Resource Center.
“Ken drove me to an interview and waited for me in the car for over two hours.  Even though I didn’t get the job, Ken assured me I would find something. I realized how much Ken really cared about my success. I felt that I could trust Ken and that I had his support.” – Kevin
Kevin continued to help at the Mission serving sandwiches for lunch. That’s when Ken saw Kevin’s culinary gifts in action. When Kevin graduated from our Men’s Recovery Program, a Culinary Specialist position became available at Light of Life. Ken instantly thought of him and told Kevin he should apply. After applying and interviewing, Kevin got the job. He has loved working here! His favorite part of his job is helping the volunteers in the kitchen and being able to connect with the clients in the program.
Kevin says, “My record does not indicate who I really am. I couldn’t find work because of my criminal history and a lot of people didn’t want to take a chance on me, but Ken saw through that stuff.”

Promise of Hope

All of the recovery programs at Light of Life have an employment and education component where clients learn skills that help them in the workplace after graduation. Our staff spends time with each individual to determine their gifts and interests.  They come alongside them to help them prepare for a career through courses, resume building, interview prep, and more.
We are so grateful that you help us support people to “see through that stuff,” bring purpose and opportunity to their lives and give them the promise of hope. You make a positive impact on people like Kevin.
Thank you for partnering with us!

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