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Dennis’ Story

Before Light of Life, Dennis was what he calls a “part-time, here and there father.” He was in and out of jail throughout his three kids’ lives. Growing up in a household on the North Side where his parents were addicts and his brothers died at an early age from drug abuse, addiction was all Dennis knew. After overdosing over 20 times, Dennis reached out to a friend on Facebook who was at Light of Life because he was encouraged by how much his friend’s life was changing. 

While Dennis was at Light of Life, his son was put into a residential home for youth. This motivated Dennis to stay in the recovery program at Light of Life. He attended parenting classes and joined father groups. Dennis says, “Light of Life helped me stay clean and taught me boundaries. I learned everything I needed to live in recovery, and I even got baptized while in the program!”

Dennis graduated Light of Life after 17 months and now has full custody of his son. Though they have their issues, their relationship has improved and Dennis loves that he gets to be there for his son now. He says, “I get to give him my wisdom and do my best by him. All I can do is keep him as safe as I can and give him the best example that I can.”

He says, “In the end, it’s all God’s plan. I was always a part-time here and there father, in and out of jail. I’m with my kids now. They know each other and I can be there for them.”

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