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Chris’ Story

Chris grew up knowing about God, but he spent years searching for love and acceptance.  At 19 years-old, Chris says he found his first love in heroin. He became a person he didn’t know, doing things he never would have done. “I would never think of stealing money from my grandmother’s wallet. I would never think of taking jewelry off my loved ones.” Then on Christmas Day 2012, Chris robbed a gas station at gunpoint and knowing the police would come for him, he tried to overdose and end his life.

    “Amazingly, a miracle from God, I didn’t die.” 

After being apprehended by authorities, Chris ended up receiving approval to parole out of state and attend Light of Life. He felt God calling him back to Pittsburgh and to the North Side, which had been one of his darkest places during his addiction. But over the course of Chris’ 13 month stay at Light of Life, he began to see the light. “I never saw myself as a crown jewel. As the most important thing in God’s heart.” Hearing Light of Life staff speak the truth about his identity in Christ was powerful. “I actually got to hear people speak those things over me, you know, and that really shaped my core identity in Christ.” 

Now Chris works full-time for Light of Life, leading the facilities team. “It’s humbling because I get a chance every day to remind me of where I was.” 

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