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Our new shelter on Voeghtly Street is open! We’re not done yet — See what’s next.

Opening New Doors to Hope and Healing for Pittsburgh’s Homeless

Our new shelter on Voeghtly Street is now open! For the first time ever, we can offer family shelter for women and children. Plus, this is the home of our new men’s shelter, kitchen and dining room, and new Day Center.

This is a huge celebration, but we’re not all the way there! We still need to fundraise for the second important part of this campaign to renovate our Ridge Place building — home to the Men and Women’s Life Transformation programs, as well as office space for staff. The building includes a dining room, chapel, and limited emergency shelter for men. To get to the finish line, we need your help.

We’re now in Phase 2, which includes the renovation of our Ridge Place building — an old school we purchased in 2012. When renovated, this building will be home for people who enter our long-term residential programs. The facility will include a new kitchen and dining area, chapel, a 12-bed emergency shelter, a floor with 28 beds and space for programming for men in our long-term residential program, an entire floor devoted to programming space for women and children in our long-term program, and will also have office space for our team members.

The completion of Phase 2 is vital to Opening New Doors for our neighbors in need because it gives space for our continuum of care. No matter where someone is in their journey, we want to have a next step for them toward sobriety, education, employment, housing, independence, and healing.

Current Ridge Place building

Ridge Place after Phase 2 completion

How Much Further We Have To Go With Your Help

Goal of $24 million.
$22 million raised to date.
$2 million to go.

$12 million
$24 million

Here’s how our remaining amount we need to raise breaks down*. No matter what you’re able to give, your support makes this entire journey possible.

*These amounts are estimates of our Phase 2 building and renovation costs at Ridge Place.

$1,000,000 - Women and Children’s Life Transformation Program Floor

At Ridge Place, we'll have an entire floor devoted to serving women and children who live with us for 18-24 months. Here, women can focus on recovery, education, and getting employment that will enable them to get their life back — while having a safe space for their children to learn and be kids.

$1,000,000 - Men’s Life Transformation Program Floor

We will have 28 beds and programming space for our long-term men's residential program. The men we serve can live with us for 18-24 months and focus on recovery, education, and getting the employment that will enable them to get their life back.

$500,000 - Food Pantry and Donation Center

Every year, we provide hundreds of thousands of meals to our community through our Food Pantry and much-needed essential items through our Donation Center. Items range from clothing to hygiene products and more.

$400,000 - Ridge Place Kitchen

We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner 365 days of the year to the men, women, and children in our community. This kitchen will ensure that our long-term residents have nourishing meals as they focus on recovery and overcoming personal obstacles to healing.

$250,000 - Common Spaces

Ridge Place is a multi-floor facility complete with common spaces where our long-term residents can enjoy meals, do morning devotions, and safely gather for community. Our common spaces have furniture, tables and chairs, and decor that inspires hope and encourages healing.

$100,000 - Safety and security

Safety is of the utmost importance to us. This investment is key and will ensure that our building is secure for every man, woman, and child that is living with us. Our Program residents are often overcoming past traumas and challenges. We need to give them a safe space where they can find hope and healing.

$80,000 - Furnishing 40 residential bedrooms

Our Ridge Place building has 40 individual bedrooms for our men’s residents and overnight shelter guests. That means 40 men are off the streets every night seeking life-change and healing of Christ. Every bedroom needs bedding and furnishings.

$50,000 - Landscaping and green space

As important as respecting the dignity and story of each person we serve is creating outdoor space for our program participants and overnight guests. Green spaces promote mental, physical, and spiritual health.

$30,000 FULFILLED - Ridge Place Chapel

We have chapel services every day of the year. The Chapel also provides a quiet place for our residents to reflect and pray whenever they feel led.

$15,000 FULFILLED - Kids Playroom

We serve 50-75 children at a time, on average, through our Women and Children's program. This space will provide a place for kids to enjoy being a kid and will help them emotionally heal from the trauma that so many of them have experienced. Our playroom will be complete with age appropriate activities and toys. Every child that comes into our overnight shelter is also provided a Teddy Bear, book, and new pajamas.

If you’re interested in learning more about our campaign or you would like to make a pledge, please contact our Capital Campaign Manager, Philip Spina at or call 412-803-4152.

Who You Help

During her senior year of college, Clarissa became addicted to drugs. She graduated with honors; however, her addiction worsened. She became homeless. She slept on the streets, and spent time in and out of jail. In 2016, Clarissa came to Light of Life where she found recovery from addiction, experienced a new relationship with God, and formed vital friendships. Clarissa’s life was forever changed, and today she lives a clean and sober life with her husband and two sons.

In 2018 — with no home or material possessions — Marvin came to Pittsburgh to flee an unhealthy living situation. Through a friend, Marvin connected with Light of Life’s emergency services, where he shared his story and received a hearty meal, a warm shower, and a safe bed. Through daily prayer with the staff, Marvin transformed a single night into a short-term recovery program. His goal is to leave Light of Life with a home and employment — hope and a path forward.

Mike’s addiction began at age 16 and grew worse as he got older. In 2008, he moved from California to Pittsburgh for a job that didn’t work out. Battling alcoholism and depression, Mike found himself at Light of Life Rescue Mission in 2010. Because of the relationships he formed there — and the connections he made to community resources — Mike has a full-time job with benefits and lives in his own apartment today.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”


Why Now

For 67 years, Light of Life Rescue Mission has been a place of miracles and life transformation, serving homeless men, women, and children in Pittsburgh’s North Side. As the need in our community has grown and evolved, so too have our services. But the need outgrew our space and location a long time ago.

Our Capital Campaign, Opening New Doors, is a 25-year-long need and dream to be able to meet our neighbors in need right where they are with greater space and accommodations that serve them with dignity, privacy, accessibility, and community.

This incredible journey and very exciting time in Light of Life’s history is only made possible by generous supporters and donors in the community. Together, we are Opening New Doors of hope and healing.

Why Your Support Matters

Homelessness is increasing in Allegheny County

More families are seeking homeless services

COVID-19 and other recent impacts to the economy have pushed more people into homelessness

Source: Allegheny County Point-in-Time Homelessness Data, 2020

About the Open Doors Capital Campaign

Two locations and four ways to meet our neighbors right where they are.

Our new dual location moves our meals, shelter, and other services much closer to those who may need them.


Moving from a major city street where our clients and meal guests are in the public eye to buildings in more private settings so that anyone can receive help with privacy and dignity.

Greater Space

More physical space to provide life-transforming care, a first-ever family shelter for women and children, ability to expand our Street Outreach to meet more people with hope and healing.


Closer to the community we serve with fully accessible buildings to better serve the eldery and disabled.


After our relocation, we will sell our current properties to provide new opportunities for urban renewal and development taking place on the North Side.