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Life Transformation Program

The Life Transformation Program is divided into the following categories:

Men’s Program

Sister’s Recovery House for Single Women

Women and Children’s Scattered Site Program

Mental Health Program

The overarching goal for Light of Life’s Life Transformation Program is to bring about transformation through relationship-building within the community and relationship with Christ.  All components are purposeful and intentional. This program is offered to men and single women, as well as women with children, and typically last 18-24 months. There are up to 40 women (most with children) and 40 men in this Program at one time.

After staying in our shelter for 30 days, men and women will have the option of entering this long-term Program. It begins with a residential component that allows individuals to stay at the Mission and receive case management, group classes, Bible study, prayer time, and more. This phase in the program allows individuals to work on internal struggles, build self-esteem, and build a foundation of responsibility and work ethic.

After this foundation is built, men and women move to a transitional housing situation where they begin to create goals for employment, education, or vocational training. They attend classes at Light of Life to help assist with these goals, as well as continue to meet with staff and strengthen their foundation in Christ and their healing journey through small groups, Bible studies, and more. Men and single women live in separate Light of Life owned community-style apartment buildings. Women with children stay in scattered-site housing that is subsidized by Light of Life.

As part of our Life Transformation Program, we also have a track specifically designed for those who have mental health issues. This track follows the same goals and activities as those in the 18-24-month program, however, the individuals may be in the program for up to 5 years to get the extra assistance they need within the goal areas.

Community is important to us at Light of Life and we believe that without the community and support of others, it is difficult to recover. The housing we offer in this phase emphasizes the community and enables the men and women to build relationships, and for families to be reunited and strengthened.

If you’re interested in entering our Life Transformation Program, please contact 412-258-6187 (women) or 412-803-4156 (men).


Housing and Employment Program

In this short-term program, men and women receive short-term support to secure employment and affordable housing.

If you’re interested in the Housing & Employment Program, please contact 412-803-4177.

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