Thanksgiving Boxes- November 25, 2019

Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes Food Donations

    Every year Light of Life gives Thanksgiving dinner boxes, filled with everything from the turkey to the pie, to families and individuals in the community who have a home but don’t have the necessary means to purchase food for a Thanksgiving feast. This year we will be putting together a total of 1,500 baskets! Would you and your family/friends consider collecting items this year?

    Canned Green Beans 14.5 oz. – 4,500 cans total
    Canned Corn 15.25 oz. – 4,500 cans total
    Boxed Stuffing 6 oz. – 3,000 boxes total
    Canned Cranberry Sauce 14 oz. – 3,000 cans total
    Canned Gravy 10.5 oz. – 3,000 cans total
    Boxed Instant Mashed Potatoes 26.7 oz. – 1,500 boxes total
    Canned Yams 29 oz. – 1,500 cans total


    If you are able to donate any food, please sign up for the food(s) you are willing to donate and indicate the amount you will be donating.

    Please drop off all food by Friday, November 15th. 

    Thanksgiving Boxes Volunteer Opportunities

    Wednesday, November 20th – Assembling the 1,500 boxes that the Thanksgiving food will be going into

    Friday, November 22nd – Setting up the assembly line in preparation for our big packing day

    Monday, November 25th – Thanksgiving Box Packing Day! 

    As we are approaching Thanksgiving, please keep our organization and those we serve in your prayers. 

    If you do not have the physical resources to contribute to this project, we kindly ask that you pray for those families these baskets will be going to.


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    Your donation will give the men, women and children served at Light of Life a chance at a brand-new life.


    Your donation makes a difference in the lives of families in Pittsburgh.


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